*Shipping and sales tax are included in the listed prices - what you see is what you pay!*

About rePurpp

rePurpp is the name of the LLC I registered before I knew what I was going to do with it.

Hi, my name is Hunter A. Wallace. I'm that guy who writes fiction books so he doesn't go insane. This is rePurpp, the online store I operate out of my parents' attic (read: currently shipping within the United States only).

What I sell can be broken into four categories: Bundles & Lots, Stuff With a Story, Autographed Books, and Merchandise.

  • Bundles & Lots is stuff I sell in a bundle and/or lot with other stuff. Why? Sometimes to make it cheaper, always to make it move.
  • Stuff With a Story is random stuff with original flash fiction stories attached. Inventory is limited and updated sporadically, and everything comes with a signed and laminated copy of its story.
    • When stuff sells it is moved to the Story Archive where you can buy a signed and laminated copy of the story without the stuff.
  • Autographed Books are personally autographed copies of my books. You can read the books for free by going to the Books page of The Hillside Commons (click here) and you can buy standard (read: unsigned and less expensive) copies of the books from Amazon.
  • Merchandise is dropshipped Printful-processed The Hillside Commons merch that exists because four boxes looks better than three on the homepage.

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, please send an email to hunter@thehillsidecommons.com. Also, this is 100% a one-man show and I don't really know what I'm doing, so please be patient. I appreciate you.

Be well~